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The newest FLUX machine, HEXA, packed with all the best and a ton of new features.
  • CO₂ laser: 60W
  • workarea: 730 x 410 x 125 mm
  • file types: JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF
Beambox Pro, the #1 desktop laser cutter and engraver. Beambox Pro let's you shape, cut and engrave like never before.
  • CO₂ laser: 50W
  • workarea: 600 x 375 x 80 mm
  • file types: JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF
The Smart Desktop Laser Cutter & Engraver. Beambox meets all your expectations and goes way beyond.
  • CO₂ laser: 40W
  • workarea: 400 x 375 x 80 mm
  • file types: JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF
Bring ideas to life with Beamo, the small, simple and affordable laser cutter that gives you the power to make something you'll love.
  • CO₂ laser: 30W
  • workarea: 300 x 210 x 45 mm
  • file types: JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF
Our Beam Air filter has been upgraded with an extra layer of filter for extra protection and cleaner air.
This is a 60 W Laser Tube for your HEXA
This is an add-on for the beamo to engrave circluar objects.
HX Laser PSU w/ Copper Foil MCO-00580 for your HEXA
A Diode Laser Module Add on for your Beamo
This is a 50 W Laser Tube for your Beambox Pro
This module will make your Beamo autofocus by itself so you'll never have to manually change the height again.
This is an add-on for the HEXA to engrave circular objects.
This is a 40 W Laser Tube for your Beambox
This is an add-on for the beambox to engrave circluar objects.
This is a 30 W Laser Tube for your Beamo.
HX Main Board Set (with DriverIC) for your HEXA
HX Water Pump MCO-00518 the 600T water pump for the HEXA
A specially composed package of 37 different types of materials. A range from various Acrylic to Rubber to Wood.
This is a Honey Comb Platform (60 W) for your HEXA.
Laser PSU-Mesh Case B500023 replacement for your Beamo.
Laser PSU - Fan Case Set B100637 (Use to be B500003) replacement for your Beambox & Beambox Pro
Raspberry Pi Board B100001 replacement for Beamo, Beambox & Beambox Pro.
This is the replacement for your H13 HEPA filter for your Beam Air
Touch screen B100003 replacement for Beamo, Beambox & Beambox Pro.
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