About us


Who are we?

We’re a Belgian based company who wanted to expand into the desktop laser cutter world. 

Together with FLUX, we started the FLUX European base in 2019.

Making FLUX products more accessible for everyone in Europe was our mission. We’ve accomplish this together with our European resellers, who provide a personal service in your own country.

Come and join the FLUX family!

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A little history about FLUX

The FLUX team was founded by a group of passionate young engineers and designers located in Taipei, Taiwan, on March 2014. From the start, the team had gathered people talented in multiple fields with shared believe in value of creativity. 

In the same year, the team headed to Silicon Valley, USA, and successfully raised more than US$1 million in a Kickstarter backer project which marks a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign in Taiwan. The team received worldwide support, setting a record for the Taiwan team to raise funds on international platforms. 

With a passion for digital creation and a purpose to make affordable, easy-to-use tools for makers and designers worldwide, FLUX introduced one of the world’s first modularized 3D printer: the FLUX Delta+ in 2017. One year later, FLUX released the Beambox and the Beambox Pro. 

In 2020, FLUX released the world’s smallest CO₂ laser cutting and engraver, Beamo. Offering creators around the world the most affordable and user-friendly tool for creation.

After creating the smallest CO₂ laser cutter, FLUX released the HEXA in 2022, the largest FLUX desktop lasercutter so far.

Excited for what’s comming next?

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