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Support centre

Have questions? You can find support for your FLUX laser cutter below.


Video tutorials

Safety considerations for laser cutting 

Beamo, Beambox (Pro) & HEXA

Safety is paramount. Learn how to take proper safety precautions when using your laser cutter.

Focusing the laser

Beamo, Beambox (Pro) & HEXA

Having the proper focal distance is critical for safety. Besides that, keeping the lens in focus ensures high-quality cuts. This video explains how to refocus the laser on your machine.

Camera calibration

Beamo, Beambox (Pro) & HEXA

If your camera is not properly calibrated, your preview photo may be warped or overlap, resulting in jagged lines. This video demonstrates how to calibrate the camera on your machine.



Video tutorials

How to use the rotary add-on

Beamo, Beambox (Pro) & HEXA

To engrave cylindrical objects you need the rotary add-on. This tutorial shows how to use the rotary add-on with your machine.



Material testing

Which power and speed to use on new materials?

Beam Studio offers built-in templates with various speeds and power to find the best settings for your material.
In Beam Studio go to: File > Examples > choose the preferred cutting/engraving



Video tutorials

Troubleshooting your power and speed settings

Beamo, Beambox (Pro) & HEXA

Your power and speed settings should remain consistent over time. However, you may discover that settings that previously worked no longer do after extended use of your laser cutter. This video explains what to do in that case.


Maintenance & care

Video tutorials

(Re)filling the water tank

Beamo, Beambox (Pro) & HEXA

You should replace the water in the watertank of your Beamo, Beambox (Pro) or HEXA every 3-6 months. This tutorial explains how to go about this task.


Beam Studio

Video tutorials

Beam Studio overview

Create text and shapes

Boolean operations

Importing Files


Configuring Cut Settings

Preview & Send Jobs

Working with image files

Difference between vector and bitmap files

Importing vector or bitmap files in Beam Studio

Threshold gradient for images

Converting bitmap to vector

Image tracing




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