Beyond Your Profession

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Built for production

FLUX HEXA’s bigger and deeper working area is specially built for your professional production. High resolution combined with a faster engraving speed is making your working experience run as smoothly as ever.

FLUX HEXA with an open lit in purple lighting.

33% Bigger Working Area

More capacity, more possibilities. With a max working area of 730 x 410 x 125mm (With autofocus up to 60 mm), HEXA is 33% larger and 40 mm deeper. FLUX HEXA is a dramatically more powerful laser cutter to fulfill your professional needs. Standardly equipped with an improved steel honeycomb platform and cone spacers.

FLUX HEXA work area with measurements highlighted.

900mm/s High Speed Engraving

HEXA’s most powerful Cortex M4 core chips lets you engrave with a mind-blowingly speed of 900mm/s.

60W High Spec Laser Tube

It’s brand new 60W High Spec Laser Tube has a 38mm (1.5inch) optical focus lens. For the Laser Tube we provide a 1 year warranty.

1000 DPI (Add-on)

Every detail matters. With this new substantially shrinking laser spot you can achieve a next level resolution of 1.000 DPI.

Equipped with autofocus

Easily focus your laser in seconds with the new electric elevation platform.

+10mm cutting thickness

With fascinating laser efficiency and durability, FLUX HEXA perfectly cuts through dozens of materials with the powerful CO2 laser.

Electric elevation platform

Double tap to automatically adjust the optimized platform height.

Built-in cleaning slot

Providing an efficient cleaning experience.

FLUX HEXA with an open cleaning slot filled with wooden parts

Camera preview

What you see is what you make.

A girl using Beam Studio to take a preview of the working area.

Easy to connect

Never tied down, multiple connection options.

  • WiFi

  • Flash Drive

  • USB-Wire

  • Ethernet

  • Mobile Devices

Beam Studio

It’s as easy as it gets, integrated hardware and software.

Beam Studio on all supported devices ready to engrave the FLUX logo

Compatible with Your Professional Design Tools

Beam Studio supports various file formats.


Adobe Illustrator logo

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop logo

Adobe Photoshop

Affinity Design logo

Affinity Design

Autodesk AutoCAD logo

Autodesk AutoCAD

SketchUp logo


SolidWorks logo


Sketch logo


Corel Draw logo

Corel Draw

Rhinoceros logo



Safety is never a compromise.

We got your back while creating! Safety sensors alert in case of unplanned movement, overheated temperature warning and fire alarm.

Combining dampers and liftable rear cover, increasing both safety and convenience.


Beyond Your Profession

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