Beam Air

4-Layer Filter for Ultra Clean Air

Beam Air uses a highly effective 4-layer filtration system and a brushless motor with super air intake to block harmful molecules and odors generated during laser engraving.

Adjustable Ventilation Makes A Friendly Workspace

The adjustable knob design allows you to control the amount of air ventilation and reduces noise for a quiet working space.

Automatic Filtering Saves Energy

By connecting Beam Air to any FLUX laser cutter with a USB-B cable, Beam Air will turn on automatically when laser cutting starts and off when finishes.

FLUX Beamo Air connected to a FLUX beamo

Compatible with Other Laser Cutting Machines

Beam Air works with any laser cutting machine that comes with a 10cm air-outlet diameter.

FLUX Beam Air centraal in a wooden environment

Simple and Elegant

Compact with a small footprint, Beam Air even has wheels attached to fit perfectly into your studio.

FLUX Beam Air centraal in a white environment

Materials & Attrition

Material Dust-RemovalDeodorizationAttrition
MDF board
◎=Great 〇=Good △=Reduces Faster


Dimensions470 x 260 x 490 mm
Weight17 kg
PowerAC 110V/220V
Max. fan volume350CFM, 9800L per min
Inlet diameterΦ 100mm
FilterPre-Filter, Medium efficiency filter, activated charcoal filter, H13 HEPA filter
FLUX Beam Air
Filter Replacement
Pre-filter10 - 30 hr
Medium efficiency filter50 - 150 hr
Activated charcoal filter300 - 600 hr
HEPA filter100 - 300 hr
FLUX Beam Air filter layers schematics

FLUX Beam Air, The perfect filter for any lasercutter!

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