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FLUX Beam Studio

Free and easy to use cross-platform laser cutting and engraving software.

FLUXBeam Studio
Glowing lightbulb on a wooden base with a laser cut FLUX logo on a wooden square fixed to the side.

Creating made easy

With an intuitive interface and high compatibility, Beam Studio is a creative software that is easy to use for all FLUX users. It is ideal for both beginners and professional creators, as it simplifies the crafting process and keeps your mind focused on creating.

Design in the application and see your design on screen using your laser cutter's built-in camera. Drag and drop your design or use the auto-align feature, and when everything looks good, begin cutting or engraving. Less wasted material, time, and effort.

Create across all platforms

Work on your PC, Mac, Linux machine, or tablet. With Beam Studio, you can enjoy a free full-featured laser cutting and engraving software. The fast and flexible tools you need to take your creativity to the next level. It’s time to unlock your full power!

Don’t want to install any software? You can also open Beam Studio in your browser (Chrome/Safari). Just log in with your FLUX account and start creating.

Operating systems compatible with FLUX Beam Studio: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome and Safari.

Desktop computer, laptop and tablet showing FLUX Beam Studio.

Compatible with your design tools

No need to learn something new. Beam Studio supports various file formats like JPG, PNG, SVG, and DXF files, so just use the design software that works best for you. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Inkscape, Sketch, even Microsoft Word!

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Affinity Design


Autodesk AutoCAD








Corel Draw

Corel Draw



Simple and easy to use

Not a designer? No problem

Fine-tune your designs with an easy one-click trace function, simple merge or subtract, quick colour adjustment and more. Skip the design courses, your design comes out exactly as you imagined it.

Engraving and cutting multi-layered projects

Cutting and engraving multi-layer projects is straightforward and easy. Beam Studio can process all your selected actions at the same time. Cut and engrave simultaneously without having to restart your project. Save time and avoid potential errors without learning advanced features or using any third-party applications.

Multi-layered wave laser cut from MFD with FLUX Beam Studio.

Material preset recommendations

Each material requires a unique power and speed parameter when engraving or cutting with multiple passes. Beam Studio includes preset recommendations based on your material to help you achieve the desired results. Advanced users can customise and save presets based on their preferences.

A circle of all the different colour and types of materials sold as FLUX materials.

Easy imagery arrangement

With automatic imagery arrangement, you save both time and material. With a single click, all of your designs will be rearranged to optimise laser cutting and reduce waste.

Trying to distribute designs evenly across your canvas? In Beam Studio, click Image Distribution and our software will do it for you.

Laptop showing FLUX Beam Studio with on the left a FLUX Ador machine.

Adobe Illustrator integration

Already working in Adobe Illustrator? Beam Studio is fully integrated with Illustrator, so your files can be synced automatically from within the Adobe Illustrator application. There is no need to export, convert, or import; simply have an uninterrupted, seamless workflow.

Seamlessly slice 3D files

Have you already made a 3D model in Fusion360? Beam Studio supports sliced DF and PDF files created in Fusion. To begin the cutting or engraving process, simply disassemble the engraving files and import them as one of the supported formats.

Pink laser cut unicorn assembled in layers to form a 3D figure using FLUX Beam Studio.

Workspace collaboration

FLUX laser cutters can connect to and receive commands from multiple computers or mobile devices in your office using Beam Studio. Workspace collaboration is easier than ever, freeing up your mind to design and create.

Laptop showing FLUX Beam Studio with on the left a FLUX Ador machine.

Video tutorials

Learn how to use Beam Studio with the video playlist below.

Beam Studio

Operating systems compatible with FLUX Beam Studio: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome and Safari.
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