Beambox Pro

The Smart Desktop Laser Cutter & Engraver

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Powerful Functionality with Intuitive Features

Beambox Pro packs features found in professional industrial laser cutter.

Camera alignment

Camera alignment

Use the built-in HD camera to preview the work area and the workpiece on your laptop or phone. Place your design exactly where you want, and get exactly what you expect.

Rotary (add-on)

Rotary (add-on)

Unlock Beambox Pro's 3D potential and engrave on curved objects like glassware and bottles. The rotary module spins the workpiece. This easy-to-install add-on opens up whole new creative dimensions.

High resolution laser

High resolution laser

Beambox Pro uses a laser that is smaller than the width of a human hair and engraves with 0.05mm layer depth. The 1,000 DPI resolution will amaze you.

Free your inner artist and bring your ideas to life

Beambox Pro is a powerful laser cutter and engraver that lets you shape, cut, and engrave on materials like wood, leather, acrylic, and cardboard. Beambox Pro meets all your expectations, and goes way beyond. The friendly price and compact design make Beambox Pro suitable for any home, school, or small business. With its size (25 x 103 x 67 cm) it is the most powerful desktop sized laser cutter/engraver of the FLUX family. Meeting features found in professional industrial laser cutter.

Two men working on a Beambox Pro in a Workshop setting.

How it works

Effortless printing experience, makes it quick and easy

Draw your idea

Draw your idea

Take a snapshot and upload it

Take a snapshot and upload it

Start lasercutting

Start lasercutting

Let the fun begin

Let the fun begin

Craft Your Favorite Material

Users can shape, cut, and engrave on an enormous range of materials including wood, leather, acrylic, fabric, cardboard, stainless steel, anode metal, glass, cement, and much more.

Anode Metal
Stainless Steel

Camera Preview - What You See Is What You Make

Simply take a snapshot before you print. Build-in camera allows you to preview your design on any material. Place your design with your mouse or finger and position it exactly where you want.

Wi-Fi Connection, Anytime, Anywhere

Beambox Pro brings out the best of wireless technology by fast setting, file transfer, and monitoring of work status. No matter where you are, via WIFI, Beambox Pro is at your disposal.

Beambox Pro touch panel

Design Software Supported

Compatible with JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF, so just use the graphics editor that is best for you, Adobe Illustrator, Autocad, Inkscape, CorelDraw, even Microsoft Word!

Icons of the supported software programs

Hassle Free Software & App

FLUX’s in-house developed software Beam Studio & iOS/Android app Beam Go provides a one-stop design experience. Edit texts and vector files, modify bitmap images, align, distribute objects, and many more.

Beambox Pro studio open on an iMac

Safe for Home and School

Beambox Pro is fully enclosed, and it automatically pauses if the lid is opened during a task. If an emergency occurs, you can shut down the machine immediately with a single switch.

Child playing with Beambox Pro

Tech specs



615 x 445 x 177 mm

800 x 670 x 250 mm

990 x 670 x 250 mm

1110 x 670 x 273 mm


22 kg

40 kg

48 kg

58 kg

Work Area

300 x 210 mm

400 x 375 mm

600 x 375 mm

730 x 410 mm

Work Area Depth

45 mm

80 mm

80 mm

125 mm

Camera Preview Area

300 x 195 mm

400 x 360 mm

600 x 360 mm

730 x 395 mm


AC 110V/220V


1 - 300mm/s

1 - 900mm/s

Touch Panel

7" 1024 x 600 LCD




Wi-Fi / Ethernet / Direct Network Cable

Wi-Fi / USB / Ethernet / Direct Network Cable



30W CO₂ Laser

40W CO₂ Laser

50W CO₂ Laser

60W CO₂ Laser


10640 nm

Cutting Thickness

0 - 3 mm (varies by material)

0 - 5 mm (varies by material)

0 - 8 mm (varies by material)

0 - 10 mm (varies by material)



Vector / Graphic (monochrome, gray scale)

Operating System

Windows / macOS / Linux / Chrome OS

File Type


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