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€1,199.00excl. VAT

€1,450.79 incl. VAT

Unleash your creative genius with the FLUX Ador diode laser cutter! Explore endless possibilities, from vibrant materials to metal engraving, with the optional print module and the 2 W infrared laser module.

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Product description

With a 10 W or 20 W diode laser module for cutting and engraving wood or leather, an optional 2 W infrared laser module for engraving metal, and an optional print module with CMYK eco-solvent ink for colour printing on a variety of materials, the FLUX Ador is an extremely versatile 3-in-1 laser cutter. The FLUX Ador provides professional results with an easy-to-use interface, making it perfect for small businesses, educational environments, and hobbyists.

Key features

Large workspace

FLUX Ador has a spacious working area measuring 43 x 30 cm, letting you work with materials up to 3 cm thick and providing lots of room for a wide range of projects.

Top down view of an open FLUX Ador machine. It contains a colourful wooden puzzle with animals. The measurements are marked alongside the machine. 430 mm wide and 300 mm depth

Interchangeable modules

Our FLUX Ador laser cutter and engraver has three interchangeable modules for enhanced versatility:

  • Diode laser module (10 W / 20 W): Cuts and engraves materials like wood, acrylic, and leather.
  • Infrared laser module (2 W, optional): Engraves metals such as gold, silver, copper, titanium, anodized metals, aluminium, and iron - enhancing your laser cutter’s versatility.
  • Printing module (optional): Uses CMYK eco-solvent ink so you can print vibrant, high-quality images on wood, fabric, and canvas.
Close-up of a hand taking the print module out of the Ador machine.

Easy to use

FLUX Ador's integrated HD camera simplifies aligning and previewing your work area, ensuring precise placement of your designs every time.
With just a single button press, the built-in autofocus guarantees sharp and clear results. The smart dashboard enables easy navigation of files, real-time progress monitoring, and on-the-fly adjustments, boosting your workflow efficiency.

Man and young boy sitting at a table and working on a laptop in a living room setting. On the table is a FLUX Ador and a colourful wooden laser cut puzzle of a world map.

Air assist

Say goodbye to those ugly burn marks on your wooden pieces and other materials, all thanks to the integrated air assist feature.

Before and after comparison of an engraved FLUX Ador logo on wood. Left has burn marks using no air assist, right looks clean using air assist.

Safety features

FLUX Ador keeps you safe during laser cutting and engraving with its enclosed design. Press the emergency button on the side of the machine to instantly cut off power when hazards occur.

Female hand pressing the red emergy button on a FLUX Ador.

Beam Studio

Beam Studio, our free software, gives you an all-in-one design experience! Dive into editing texts, vector files, and bitmap images with ease. Align objects, tweak designs, and let your creativity flow for a seamless design journey.

FLUX Ador sitting on a whote wooden table next to an open laptop showing Beam Studio. A file of a colourful lion's head is shown on screen.

Compatible with LightBurn

Are you already a LightBurn user? No problem. With the LightBurn bridge cable you can control your FLUX Ador laser cutter in the LightBurn software.

FLUX Ador sitting on a whote wooden table next to an open laptop showing the LightBurn software. A file of a car is shown on screen.

Clean air with Beam Air

Keep the air in your workspace fresh and clean with our Beam Air filter, the ideal companion for your FLUX Ador laser cutter and engraver.

FLUX Beam Air

What's in the box

Knolled view of the Ador box contents
  1. FLUX Ador
  2. 10 W or 20 W diode laser module
  3. Thank you card
  4. Hex key
  5. Laser cutter lubricant
  6. Quick start guide
  7. Wooden test piece
  1. Vent hose
  2. Vent hose duct clamp
  3. USB cable
  4. Power cord
  5. Power adapter
  6. 6 x prism lift


Dimensions 637 x 488 x 226 mm
Weight 19 kg
Work area 430 x 300 mm
height up to 30 mm
Camera preview area Whole work area
Voltage AC 110 V / 240 V
Touch screen Yes, 8 inches (diagonal)
Camera 8 MP
I / O USB / WiFi
Laser spec 10 W / 20 W Diode laser Module
Laser wavelength -
Laser moving speed 0 ~ 400 mm/s
Laser cutting thickness Varies for different materials
Software mode Vector / Graphic (monochrome, greyscale)
Software operating system Windows / macOS / Linux / Chrome / Safari
Software file type JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF / AI / PDF
Packaging dimensions 62 cm x 76.5 cm x 35 cm

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