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How to engrave glass : Quick Guide to HEXA Rotary Extension

How to engrave glass : Quick Guide to HEXA Rotary Extension

While there are numerous gift options available on the market, nothing compares to the personal touch and creativity of a handmade gift. Do you want to know how to make a practical gift that is also filled with heartfelt wishes? We have some fantastic ideas for you!


Ready to craft your own gifts with the 60W HEXA and its rotary extension? We'll guide you from setup to execution, helping you create memorable, personalized presents. Let's start this creative journey.

The rotary extension

To enhance the creative experience for makers, we've developed rotary extensions for our desktop CO2 models, allowing engraving on both conical and cylindrical materials. This opens up new possibilities for custom product creators to diversify their designs. The setup of the rotary extension is simple, complemented by the user-friendly Beam Studio software. Our FLUX CO2 desktop laser cutters come with model-specific rotary extensions, perfect for engraving on cup-shaped objects. 

View of emtpy rotary module
Glass being engraved with the rotary modyule

Glass Engraving

To demonstrate how the HEXA rotary extension works, we'll use a cylindrical glass. We will provide detailed instructions on how to use the rotary extension, so you can easily follow along and learn. Join us in this simple step-by-step guide to mastering the use of the rotary extension.

Step 1 : Rotary Installation

Setting up the HEXA rotary extension is an easy process. Just follow these steps for a quick installation:

  • Start by powering off the machine.
  • Remove the honeycomb table inside the machine.
  • Place the seats on the bracket.
  • Set the rotary extension on the seat.
  • Plug the cable into the socket at the back of the machine

Step 2 : Beam Studio Settings

Next, let's proceed to the software setup: Click on 'Edit' > Select 'Document Settings' > Activate the 'Rotary Extension' button under the expansion modules. Once you've completed these steps, if a blue alignment line appears in the Beam Studio interface, it indicates a successful installation.

Step 3 : Camera Preview & Parameter Settings

Place the material you wish to engrave onto the rotary extension and secure it using the knob. Then, in Beam Studio, select the camera icon at the top left for a 'Camera Preview'. The HEXA's camera lens captures the exact position of the engraving material, making it easy to position your design accurately on the glass. Beam Studio offers a range of suggested parameters for different materials. After positioning your design, go to ‘Parameter Adjustment' in the toolbar on the right and choose ‘Glass – Engraving' to finalize your settings.

Step 4 : Start engraving

The HEXA rotary extension boasts a maximum engraving diameter of 7.5 cm and can handle objects up to 60 cm in length. Whether you're looking to engrave cups or cylindrical materials, the HEXA rotary extension simplifies the process. Its versatility extends beyond beer glass offering delicate and detailed engraving on items like wine glasses, ideal for unique wedding gifts. Trust the rotary extension to produce gifts that are both high in value and rich in sentiment.

Impressed by the engraving possibilities with the rotary extension? HEXA doesn't stop at glass - it's capable of engraving on more than 100 different materials, offering a vast canvas for your exploration. And it's not just 60W HEXA; FLUX's entire line of desktop CO2 laser cutters, including beamo and Beambox (Pro), also feature their own rotary extension, significantly expanding your creative potential in laser engraving.

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