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This is a 60 W Laser Tube for your HEXA
HX Laser PSU w/ Copper Foil MCO-00580 for your HEXA
RK 3288 Board CBA-00910 for your Beamo, Beambox, Beambox Pro and HEXA.
HX Main Board Set (with DriverIC) for your HEXA
HX Water Pump MCO-00518 the 600T water pump for the HEXA
This is a Honey Comb Platform (60 W) for your HEXA.
Camera module for you Beamo, Beambox,Pro & HEXA
These are 3 Reflect Mirrors for your HEXA.
HX AF Sensor MOD-00923 spare part for your HEXA.
HX Acrylic Lid AGS-00497 for HEXA.
The Focus Lens for your HEXA.
X-Axis Stepper Motor B400010 for your Beamo, Beambox & Beambox Pro.
HX Camera LED and Flame Sensor Board CBA-00023 for your HEXA.
HX Y-axis Cable Chain (Total 38 joints) MOD-00303 for your HEXA.
Air pump motor for you Beamo, Beambox & Beambox Pro
Metal Button 220V B100064 for beamo, beambox & beambox pro
HX X-axis Cable Chain (Total 51 joints) MOD-00302 for your HEXA.
Micro SD Card B200002 for your Beamo, Beambox & Beambox Pro
Laser Head Shield Cover MCO-00224 for your HEXA.
This is a Vent Hose that attaches to the laser cutter to vent out the smoke and scents that the laser cutter produces.
HX Laser Control Cable CBL-00020 for your HEXA
Double sided tape B500014 to align your optical path.
Air Hose B100539 for your Beamo, Beambox & Pro
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