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If you are looking to upgrade to more power you'll need the Ador 20W Module.
This only includes the module and no Ador machine.
Ador 10W Module (only module) is the 10W Laser Diode Module for you Ador.
Air Hose B100539 for your Beamo, Beambox & Pro
Ador Focus Probe Board CBA-12005 for your Ador
Duct Clamp B100211 for your Beamo, Beambox, Beambox Pro & Beam Air
Ador Focus Probe Board Cable (7-pin) CBL-12011 for your Ador
Ador AF Plastic Probe PMP-12002 for your Ador
Ador AF Plastic Probe Cover PMP-12003 for your Ador
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