New online browser Beamstudio version:

You can now work with Beamstudio in every browser. This makes it possible to work on any tablet or computer. (Please make sure you have the correct firmware installed on the machine, when opening the browser they software will automatically check this for you) 

Click on this link to start:


Beamstudio Download:

Please install either all stable or all beta but don't mix them. Mixing them can cause errors. 

Beam studio is the highly integrated software compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux, its intuitive user interface allows you to easily access all features of the Beamo, Beambox and Beambox Pro.
FLUX Studio enables multi-computer control and supports JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF files.





Changelogs BeamstudioDownload older versions here

Beam Go

Beam Go (Google Play, Android)
Beam Go (App Store, iOS)



Firmware - Stable

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Firmware - Beta

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HEXA Firmware - Stable

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HEXA Firmware - Beta

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Changelogs FirmwareDownload older versions here

Firmware Installation

Instructions on how to install the firmware on your machine via Wi-Fi.

Go to Beam Studio and press:

  • Machine > 'name of your machine' > Update Firmware

(Press the photos to enlarge)
  • Press 'Upload', select the file you previously downloaded and press 'Upload' again.

  • The file will be uploaded to your machine, do not turn off the machine during this process.

  • After the file has successfully been uploaded the machine will start with the update of the new firmware.

How to update firmware with USB:

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