Wood Padouk 3mm - 3/5 sheets

Padouk veneer with a 2 mm mdf core.

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Wood Padouk - 3/5 sheets

This veneer is specially formulated for an optimal lasercut experience. Due to the 0.5 mm wood layers on both sides, this gives the look, feel and finish of full wood. The 2mm MDF core provides an easy & consistent cutting experience.

Tip: The color is original red but it changes to gray after lying in the sun for days, but if you varnish the wood it will keep its original red color.

These sheets are available in the correct formats for your FLUX laser cutter.

Wood is a natural product, colors may vary.

Material: Double-sided plywood
Color: Red but changes to Gray when it's been placed in the sun for days (Wood is a natural product, colors may vary).
Surface: 0,5mm wood at both sides
Core: 2 mm MDF
Thickness: 3 mm
Thickness tolerance: 0,4mm ± 10% of the nominal thickness
Extra: Sensitive to the sun causes color change, if the wood is varnished the original red color is preserved
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