Acrylic Grey 3mm - 3/5 sheets

Acrylic is 100 % recyclable, crystal clear, colorfast & UV resistant

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Acrylic/Plexiglass - 3/5 sheets

Plexiglass made from 100% recycled pre- and post-acrylic, this ensures that the material is crystal clear, colorfast & UV resistant. The great advantage of this material is that it can be recycled and reused.


Material: Recycled Acrylaat / Plexiglas
Color: Translucent acrylic is not transparent but also not opaque. It does allow light to pass through and ensures that the contours are visible.
Surface: Glossy
Thickness: 3 mm
Thickness tolerance: 0.4mm +/- 10% of the nominal thickness
Expansion coefficient: 0,6 mm/m/10ºC
Fire classification: E according to EN13501
User temperature: -40ºC to +80ºC
Protective film: All sheets are provided with a PE-protective film on both sides.
Extra: Eco, made from 100% recycled acrylic, UV resistant
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