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The Smart Desktop Laser Cutter & Engraver
  • CO₂ laser: 40W
  • workarea: 400 x 375 x 80 mm
  • file types: JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF
This is a 40 W Laser Tube for your Beambox
This is an add-on for the beambox to engrave circluar objects.
This is a Honey Comb Platform (40 W) for your Beambox.
These are 3 Reflect Mirrors for your Beamo, Beambox & Beambox Pro.
This is a Focusing Lens for your Beamo, Beambox & Beambox Pro
This is a Vent Hose that attaches to the laser cutter to vent out the smoke and sents that the laser cutter produces.
Tis is the Wifi dongle for your laser cutter.
To Lubricate the axis of your laser cutter.
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