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FLUX Beambox Pro is 19 cm wider than the regular Beambox laser cutter and has a larger work area (60 x 37.5 cm). It is also equipped with a more powerful 50 W CO2 laser, letting you cut and engrave organic materials and even engrave certain metals.
  • CO₂ laser: 50W
  • workarea: 600 x 375 x 80 mm
  • file types: JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF
€3.995,00 €3.695,00
This is a 50 W Laser Tube for your Beambox Pro
This is an add-on for the beambox to engrave circular objects.
This is a Honey Comb Platform (50 W) for your Beambox Pro.
These are 3 Reflect Mirrors for your HEXA.
These are 3 Reflect Mirrors for your Beamo, Beambox & Beambox Pro.
This is a Focusing Lens for your Beamo, Beambox & Beambox Pro
WiFi dongle B100203 for your laser cutter.
This is a Vent Hose that attaches to the laser cutter to vent out the smoke and scents that the laser cutter produces.
To Lubricate the axis of your laser cutter.
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