• Slice of Life 1 Slice of Life 2

    Slice of Life

    Luka is the director of the award-winning sci-fi short, "Slice of Life". He uses the Beambox Pro for creating miniatures in his movies, where he won't use any sci-fi. Go to Slice of Life

    Slice of Life

  • Willow Creative 1 Willow Creative 2

    Willow Creative

    Willow Creative is a one-woman-business making costumes and props. As a professional cosplayer she combines advanced techniques that show how you can get some fantastic results with the FLUX Beambox. Go to Willow Creative

    Willow Creative

  • Black Beard Projects 1 Black Beard Projects 2

    Black Beard Projects

    Focussing on DIY projects, Black Beard Projects designs medieval tools using a diverse range of techniques. With his Beambox, he creates detailed work on a variety of knives, axes and more! Go to Black Beard Projects

    Black Beard Projects


  • Eagle Model Studio 1Eagle Model Studio 2

    Eagle Model Studio

    An architectural model offers its viewer the ability to imagine better. Using our Beambox Pro for cutting the model materials, Eagle Model Studio reduces potential errors and increases overall accuracy.Go to Eagle Model Studio

    Eagle Model Studio​

  • Luke Towan 1Luke Towan 2

    Luke Towan

    Luke Towan is an Australian miniature artist. As a railroad fan, he likes to DIY a variety of railroad and architecture models. Apart from this, he also has a YouTube channel where he shares the process of making these models.Go to Luke Towan

    Luke Towan​

  • MUYU Design 1MUYU Design 2

    MUYU Design

    MUYU Design offers a variety of handicraft courses. Students can learn painting, woodworking, lathes, wood carvings and pyrography. To help realize these creations, they use our FLUX Beamo.Go to MUYU Design

    MUYU Design​

  • Flux Space 1Flux Space 2

    FLUX Space

    Designed for learning, FLUX space is a place that provides opportunities for students, educators and industry professionals. They can work together and create a more collaborative and forward-thinking community and workforce.Go to FLUX Space

    FLUX Space​


  • Wooden Gifts and more 1 Wooden Gifts and more 2

    Wooden Gifts And More

    Wooden Gifts And More creates sustainable writing instruments for people all over the world with his Beambox Pro. His mission is to create the most unique and personalized pens that people will use on a daily basis and gift to create everlasting memories. Go to Wooden Gifts And More

    Wooden Gifts And More

  • Odor funder 1Odor funder 2

    Odor funder

    Odor funder helps everyone create their own fragrance from a professional perspective. Featuring a bold and distinguished style where they use Beamo to enhance their brand packaging.Go to Odor funder

    Odor funder​

  • Dimanche 1Dimanche 2


    Notebooks, diaries, or stationeries, in all of the Dimanche products, you can see the creative design for someone who loves hand-drawn art. Using their Beamo, they created a unique notebook line with laser cutted covers.Go to Dimanche


  • unFOUND 1unFOUND 2


    UnFOUND is a Portuguese brand that focuses on sustainable custom interior design. They have combined these values into a collaboration with FLUX, where they have created a centerpiece that FLUX gifted to all European Partners.Go to unFOUND


  • Ross McSweeney 1Ross McSweeney 2

    Ross McSweeney

    Ross McSweeney is a hobbyist designer and creator. He uses our Beambox to create moving sculptures and machines. He has turned his hobby into a business where you can buy his designs on Etsy.Go to Ross McSweeney

    Ross McSweeney​

  • Bandicute 1Bandicute 2


    Bandicute, an Australian handmade business based in Gunning, NSW. As a creative mother and daughter duo, they design and create their own handmade children’s clothing and homewares line. They purchased the FLUX Beambox Pro to expand their creative pursuits and create amazing products to complement their already successful range.Go to Bandicute



  • Scritte 1 Scritte 2


    Scritte® creates fashion items with a story. Each item tells the story through the engraved text on the surface.The Beambox Pro emphasizes the color that is already present under the natural surface of the leather, fabric or wood Go to Scritte


  • Majyo Majyo 1Majyo Majyo 2

    Majyo Majyo

    Majyo Majyo, a fashion accessory store, specializes in using digital wastes into their creations and making their designs one of a kind. This jewelry collection combines electronic scrap components with laser cutting techniques using the Beambox.Go to Majyo Majyo

    Majyo Majyo

  • Artist Explores 1Artist Explores 2

    Artist Explores

    After traveling for years, Natasha Stoppel has trail-blazed a creative path into bullet journaling, videography, jewelry making and pyrography. She creates jewelry with our FLUX Beamo that have unique artistic symbols and myths from Cambodia.Go to Artist Explores

    Artist Explores

  • Sylvia Draws LLC 1Sylvia Draws LLC 2

    Sylvia Draws LLC

    Sylvia Smith, aka Sylvia Draws LLC, creates products that are designed to make people smile! Using her Beambox to create bright, cheerful colors, cute characters, and clever designs that are sure to brighten anyone’s day.Go to Sylvia Draws LLC

    Sylvia Draws LLC

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