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Willow Creative - Cosplay Artist

Willow Creative - Cosplay Artist

Willow Creative is a one-woman-business making costumes and props. As a professional cosplayer she combines advanced techniques that show how you can get some fantastic results with the FLUX Beambox.

Willow Creative is a one-woman-business making costumes and props from the Netherlands. She started in 2015, but meddled with costume work as early as 2012.

She makes props and costumes from her favorite video games, pop culture events and series, as an independent content creator or on behalf of companies and game studios such as Jagex, Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games. Willow Creative documents her journey through her YouTube channel and other social media, where she shows the diversity of her skills.

Signature for her work is the use of many different techniques, creative solutions and making massive builds that move. She loves trying out new things, materials and ideas to find the best way of making games and digital media become a reality. 

Much of her recent work involves laser cutting using the FLUX Beambox. Almost all of her costume-making experience is self-taught, with a base in 3D modeling from a Game Art college degree.

You can find some more detailed build logs on her website, including free patterns for foam crafting and 3D printing.












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