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Ross McSweeney - Mechanical Moving Sculptures

Ross McSweeney - Mechanical Moving Sculptures

Ross McSweeney is a hobbyist designer and creator. He uses our Beambox to create moving sculptures and machines. He has turned his hobby into a business where you can buy his designs on Etsy.

Ross McSweeney is a hobbyist designer and creator. He started creating moving sculptures and machines in his spare time using traditional hand tools. Due to limited free time, Ross switched to laser cutting as it saves me countless hours of cutting, sanding, and testing bits and pieces. What was once a hobby is now slowly turning into a fun and exciting side business.

“For enthusiasts like me,  a 40W CO2 Laser cutter is powerful enough to create and work on my projects. It cuts wood quickly without any trouble. Especially the built-in HD Camera which makes cutting and engraving hassle-free with the preview mode. It’s such a useful function so I don’t waste any wood or other material. Beambox is fully equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for a seamless workflow anywhere I am, for example, I design on my computer and send the file to the laser which is in another room. Very convenient for me! There are preset parameters for power and speed based on multiple materials equipped in FLUX Laser Cutter, it gives a better understanding of the parameters to use or start with, saving hours of work. It’s so easy to find the right settings for a new piece of material.”

Machine: FLUX Beambox






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