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Bandicute - Brand Identity

Bandicute - Brand Identity

Bandicute is an Australian handmade business. The creative mother and daughter duo design and create their own handmade children’s clothing and homewares line. They purchased the FLUX Beambox Pro to expand their creative pursuits.

Bandicute, an Australian handmade business based in Gunning, NSW. As a creative mother and daughter duo, they have been designing and creating their own handmade children’s clothing and homewares line for the past five years. They purchased the FLUX Beambox Pro at the end of 2021 in order to expand their creative pursuits and create amazing products to complement their already successful range. 


“It was a great entry point and price range as a newcomer to laser cutting. One of the vital reasons for Bandicute to choose FLUX is that the head office/reseller site is based in Melbourne, while FLUX Inc. headquarter is located in Taiwan.

“The team has been so helpful in helping us to learn how to use our machine. We find the service outstanding and very personalized.”


Bandicute chose the Beambox Pro for its large work area so they have flexibility in what can be created. To date Bandicute has been making the own earrings and ornaments and more recently have been making their own signage for the market stall so it is looking amazingly professional.


‘We have prior knowledge of Adobe Illustrator so we create all of our svg files ourselves and export them to the beam studio software.’  Bandicute said, ‘Beam studio is very simple to learn and even if you don’t know how to create your own files, they can be purchased from other designers so they are ready to go.’



Bandicute highlighted that the Beambox Pro is very easy to assemble. ‘It is pretty much plug in and once we followed the easy process for calibrating the camera, connecting the software and checking the mirrors, we were off and haven’t looked back.’


They mentioned they are also impressed by the versatility of the machine with so many different materials they can work with. ‘For the past five years we have been hand carving our own stamps to print fabric for our projects. We can now design our stamps and cut them on the laser cutter which saves so much time!’ Bandicute added.






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